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Whitsed Information has been in operation for over 45 years and we are widely known for our quality services and products. Our lists can reach businesses and consumers throughout North America. We supply only quality lists and services at reasonable rates.

Whichever channel works best for you, we will work with you to ensure that you buy only what's right for your campaign. With our complete set of products and services, we offer a high quality one-stop campaign fulfillment service.
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Whitsed Information Services  2016
Now, connect with and engage with, Canadian consumers using our unique new process.
It's called EPIC (Enhanced Postal/Internet Campaign). EPIC uses your mailing list to create a database of recipient-unique internet addresses (URL's) which are added to your direct mail piece. That address contains your recipients name - difficult for them to resist entering that address in their web browser. Recipients are then shown specific content, based on location, age, income - whatever information is contained in your original list.

With your compelling and targeted message which uses the full suite of media-rich possibilities of the internet (including imagery, audio, video etc.) recipients can request more information by entering their email address. This is now full customer engagement with explicit consent.
Your potential new customer has just REQUESTED that you contact them!!

We believe that EPIC offers mailers an exciting opportunity to expand their reach into the Canadian consumer marketplace. Our integrated data, print, mail process is available now. Contact us to learn more about EPIC and to see how it can greatly benefit your marketing.