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Over 14 million US businesses, with a staggering set of selects...

Geographic, SIC/NAICS codes, job titles, phone, business size, sales and revenue and many more. This file has everything you need for your business contact campaigns.

8 Million Executives with Email

1.3 Million USA Managers

200,000 Information Technology Executives

500,000 Vice Presidents

800,000 Directors

150,000 Lawyers

184,000 Financial Advisers

2.3 Million Verified US Executives With 400,000 Social Links

241,000 Verified Stock brokers

289,000 Small Business Owners

320,000 Presidents

425,000 Insurance Brokers

94,000 CEO's

70 Million USA Consumers

100 Million USA CellPhone Users

150 Million USA AutoMobile Owners

Credit Card Buyers

Automobile Owners

Living Healthy

Charitable Donors

New Movers

Sweepstakes and Gambling


Weight Loss Buyers

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