150 million web domain owners
8 Million Executives Email 
170 Million US Consumers
14 Million US Businesses
1.3 Million Managers
200,000 Information Technology Executives
500,000 Vice Presidents
800,000 Company Directors 
150,000 Lawyers
150 Million US Automobile Owners
Whitsed Information Services
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184,000 Financial Advisers
2.3 Million Verified US Executives With 400,000 Social Links
241,000 Verified Stock Brokers
289,000 Small Business Owners
320,000 Company Presidents
322,000 Verified Canadian Executive Emails
425,000 Insurance Brokers
94,000 CEO's
100 Million US Cell Phones

Whitsed Information Services  2016
These high-volume lists are well suited for our larger clients. These lists are large and they offer a comprehensive set of selections to accurately tailor your contact campaigns.

Contact us for more detailed information about these extensive lists.